About Margot

At the age of seven Margot started playing musical instruments. For years she played keyboard and saxophone. Only later she picked up guitar and bass, but these were the instruments that she stuck by. Not one to blurt out her music, Margot likes the fact that she can play these instruments quietly at home aswell as bring them to the streets or a pub and perform.

In 1999 Margot started playing professionally with harpist Ed ten Hoedt as the duo Sunflower. They played a combination of Celtic tunes, Irish ballads and original pieces. Together they’ve made three well received cd’s and played, mainly as buskers, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and even as far as Australia.

For the last couple of years Margot has played with numerous people on many different occasions. In 2011 she recorded a country/folk CD with Eduard Milacic (Dark Roasted Chicken Skin).

Early 2012 Margot met Sophie ter Schure at the ‘Backroom sessions’ in Musicbar Mulligans in Amsterdam. They discovered a shared passion for singing harmonies and telling stories through music. And although very different, their voices go very well together: Sophies emotive soprano and Margots husky alto complement each other perfectly. In the summer of 2012 they recorded their first cd as The Lasses and did their first gig. Almost a year later they started taking things a bit more seriously and started giging on a regular bases. Since then they’ve played some big stages and some tiny ones aswell. They’ve busked, played pubs, festivals, folkclubs and house concerts.
Their second album Daughters came out in 2015.

This video was taken at the food festival Rollende Keukens in the spring of 2016. Margot is accompanied by Alan McLachlan (The Scene, Sjakoo). The song is Hanging ‘Round by Timothy Hull.

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